Registering a user without an ePanther ID

If a new instructor without an ePanther ID wishes to register for a workshop, the WORKSHOP PRESENTER may register for this person. If you take a request, please forward the user’s information to the Workshop Presenter, including:

  • the workshop name,
  • workshop date,
  • workshop time,
  • user’s email address,
  • user’s appointment type
  • user’s computer platform preference
  • and if they can bring a laptop to the workshop

A PDF version of this tutorial can be found here:

Step #1


To register for a user without an ePanther ID, go to the workshop event.
At the bottom of the page, click on [Login with UWM 1Login]. If you do not see this link, make sure you are logged out as an administrator.

Step #2


Log in with your standard UWM ePanther username and password.

Step #3

  1. Enter YOUR ePanther ID.
  2. Enter the guest user’s appointment type, laptop availability, and platform preference.
  3. Add guest user’s name and email address in [Additional information].
  4. Click [Register].

Step #3 – Modify registration


Log into the registration site as a WordPress Author to modify the registration.

  1. Under the [Logout] tab, click [Admin Login].

Step #1


Login with your WordPress Author credential:

  1. Username is you ePanther ID (without
  2. Password is you WordPress password.
  3. Click [Log In] (NOT the [Sign in with ePanther ID] button).

Step #4

  1. To find the guest registrant, click on the [Bookings] tab.

Step #5


Identify the guest registrant by looking for your name and the correct workshop.

  1. Click the [Edit/View] button to the right of the registration.

Step #6

  1. At the bottom of the page, click the [Modify Booking] button.

Step #7

  1. Change the ePanther ID to a fake “workshop.guest” user.
  2. Click [Submit Changes].


The fake user will be added to the D2L course for the workshop if you export the CSV and import it into D2L. See these instructions:

There are 5 fake workshop guest users in the system, with username and password (being the same) as follows:

  • workshop.guest1
  • workshop.guest2
  • workshop.guest3
  • workshop.guest4
  • workshop.guest5

At the time of the workshop, please have the guest user log into D2L with the “workshop.guest” user you entered in Step #7.


All automated emails, including reminders and followup emails, will come to the Workshop Presenter’s email account. Be sure to forward these to the guest using the guest’s email address provided.