Modifying view settings on the Bookings page for “D2L-to-Canvas Migration VIP Session”

This tutorial will show you how to alter the columns in your Booking area in order to manage workshop attendance, or print an attendance sheet.

You may wish to print this tutorial and reference it as you work. A printable PDF version of this tutorial can be found here:

Step #1


Go to:

  1. Click the [Logout] tab and select [Admin Login].

Step #2

  1. Enter your ePanther ID for your username.
  2. Enter your ePanther ID for your password.
  3. Click [Log In].

Step #3

  1. When you enter in your [Editor] role, you will land in the [Bookings] area.
  2. You can see all the enrollments for all [Future events].
  3. To view the bookings for a specific workshopor alter your view, click the name of the workshop under [Events with Bookings Enabled].

Step #5

  1. To modify the view for the [Booking Table] in the [Bookings] page, click the gear icon.

Step #6

  1. Look for the [Last Name] field in the right-hand (grayed-out) area and drag it into the [Columns to show] area.

Step #7

  1. Drag all the fields except [Last Name] into the right-hand (grayed-out) area.

Step #8

  1. In the right-hand (grayed-out) area, drag the following fields into the [Columns to show] area:
    • First Name
    • E-mail
    • “Would you like a text message reminder?”
    • Mobile Number
    • 6-Digit D2L Course OU Number
    • Estimated Course Enrollment
    • Mode of delivery:
    • When will you teach this course in Canvas?

Step #12

  1. When you have placed the correct fields into the [Columns to show] area, click [Save Settings].

Step #13

Your Bookings view should be ready to manage attendance or print for an attendance sheet.