Managing workshop registrations and importing participants into a D2L course site

This tutorial will show you how to manage registrations for the LTC Workshop site. You will learn to:

  1. Login and view Registrations (called Bookings).
  2. Export a CSV file containing the enrollments for your workshop.
  3. Edit the CSV file to format it for D2L.
  4. Upload the enrollment file to your D2L Workshop site.

You may wish to print this tutorial and reference it as you work. A printable PDF version of this tutorial can be found here:

Step One


Go to:

  1. Click the [Logout] tab and select [Admin Login].

Step Two

  1. Enter your ePanther ID for your username.
  2. Enter your ePanther ID for your password.
  3. Click [Log In].

Step Three

  1. When you enter in your [Editor] role, you will land in the [Bookings] area.
  2. You can see all the enrollments for all [Future events].
  3. To export the enrollment for a specific workshop (for upload to D2L), click the name of the workshop under [Events with Bookings Enabled].

Step Four

  1. By default, all registrations (including cancellations) will be listed. To filter out cancelled registrations, pull-down the menu
  2. Select [Needs Attention].
  3. Click [Filter].

Step Five

  1. Once cancelled registrations are filtered out, click the [CSV] button.

Step Six

  1. Look for the [ePanther ID] field in the right-hand (grayed-out) area and drag it into the [Columns to export] area.

Step Seven

  1. Drag all the fields except ePanther ID into the right-hand (grayed-out) area.

Step Eight

  1. Ensure that only the [ePanther ID] field is in the active column and click [Export Bookings].

Step Nine

  1. Open the CSV file in a Excel (or equivelent) and highlight the first 6 rows.
  2. Right click and/or select [Delete].

Step Ten

  1. Click the first column to highlight.
  2. Right click and/or select [Insert].

Step Eleven

  1. In the newly created column, enter “instructor” in the first cell. Hover over the bottom right side of the cell until you see a “+” symbol. Hold and drag down to fill the cells for each enrollee.

Step Twelve

  1. Save the file as a CSV.

Step Thirteen

  1. You to the D2L course site FOR YOUR WORKSHOP. Click the [Classlist] tab.

Step Fourteen

  1. Click [Add Participants] and select [Import users from a file on your computer].

Step Fifteen

  1. Click [Choose File] and select the CSV file downloaded in Step Five.

Step Sixteen

  1. Click [Import]. Once import is complete, check for errors and make sure enrollment was successful.

Note: in rare occasions, a user may not have entered their UWM ePanther ID correctly (although systems are in place to ensure that “” was not included during registration). If this is the case, registrants will need to be added to D2L manually, or given a generic user identity during the workshop.