Session 3: HIPs Active Learning: Scaling High Impact Practices – Department Liaisons


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


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Engelmann B73
2033 E. Hartford Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53211


This is a face-to-face workshop series.

Note: This first session is two hours to allow time for orienting everyone to the High Impact Practices (HIPs) Quality Features, supporting research, change models, and HIPs Tools. Later sessions will be an hour and a half.

The High Impact Practice concepts can be applied to any type of course.


By participating in the series, you need to be willing to:

  1. Attend all four sessions.
  2. Complete and submit one HIPs assignment redesign.
  3. Exchange HIPs assignment ideas and designs with peers during sessions.
  4. Complete a brief pre-post assessment survey and rubric.
  5. Devise plan for sharing HIPs assignment redesign with program or department colleagues.

The Eight High Impact Practice Eight Quality Features can be embedded in courses to leverage the achievement gap, graduation rates, engagement, and student success. Institutions are recognizing courses as the most accessible high impact experience and these HIPs features are now part of the General Education criteria.

Participants will become fully versed in how to embed the Eight High Impact Practice Quality Features in their specific course using HIPs tools. This series has two goals:

  • To enable you to embed the Eight HIPs Features in your assignments and course outcomes,
  • To familiarize you with a robust set of HIPs Course Tools to serve as a liaison to your program or department to help them scale embedding HIPs Quality Features into your program’s curriculum, course outcomes, activities, and assignments through examples, organizing discussions, retreats, committees, etc.

What is unique about this series is that it is a change strategy to move beyond individual impact. This series is intended to leverage High Impact Practice Eight Quality Features in courses at the cohort level (department or program) by empowering participants to devise strategies for sharing their designs at their program or department level. You will be provided as well as brainstorm ideas with colleagues for scaling and sustaining HIPs Quality Course Features among your cohorts.

Bring at least one course syllabus and assignment or be able to access it on your device.

  • Session 1    June 18 Tues. 1-3:00 pm  Engelmann B73                                    Overview, HIPs Quality Features; Explore HIPs Course outcomes tools
  • Session 2    July 2     Tues. 1-2:30 pm Engelmann B73                                        Share your HIPs course outcomes; Explore HIPs assignment redesign tools
  • Session 3    July 23   Tues. 1-2:30 pm Engelmann B73                              Share your HIPs assignments, Explore HIPs active learning tools
  • Session 4    Aug. 13  Tues.1-2:30 pm   Engelmann B73                              Share HIPs active learning; HIPs content, low stakes tools




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