Successful Learning in Small Groups Part II

Date(s) - 03/27/2020
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Engelmann B73


Connie Schroeder

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This workshop has been cancelled due to the Corona virus and is in the process of being moved to an asynchronous “self-enrollment” format that will be available 24/7 indefinitely.  I will post the link to this Canvas site once all materials have been upload and PowerPoint slides have been recorded. Please contact me if you have questions, would like a phone consultation, or experience difficulties at

Collaborative learning is one of ten High Impact Practices identified as having a transforming impact on students.

Collaborative learning combines two key goals: learning to work and
solve problems in the company of others, and sharpening one’s own
understanding by listening seriously to the insights of others, especially
those with different backgrounds and life experiences.

Part II: We will continue to outline the remaining Principles of Collaborative Learning. Embedding group learning and projects into course can be successful and avoid many of the common complaints and pitfalls. In Part II, participants will review all five Principles of Group and Collaborative Learning, including how to create create an effective team project, embed individual accountability, assess and evaluate group members and group projects, establish group leadership roles, group cohesion, and group monitoring, and how to counter the most common pitfalls of group learning. 

Participants will receive the CETL booklet, Active Learning and Small Group Learning with multiple examples, templates, and worksheets and hard copy and digital format. Active learning classroom instructors are strongly encouraged to attend. Participants are eligible to pursue the CETL Certificate in Small Group Learning. Bring your course syllabus in order to apply each principle during the workshop. If you have a team project assignment that isn’t working, bring that as well or be able to access it.


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