Successful Learning in Small Groups Part I

Date(s) - 02/21/2020
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Engelmann B73


Connie Schroeder

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This session is applicable to all course formats: Face-to-face, online, or blended.

Collaborative learning is one of ten High Impact Practices identified as having a transforming impact on students.

Collaborative learning combines two key goals: learning to work and
solve problems in the company of others, and sharpening one’s own
understanding by listening seriously to the insights of others, especially
those with different backgrounds and life experiences.

However, effective active learning strategies rely on embedding five principles of collaborative group work into the entire course design. However, longer term team projects or even short break out groups often lose focus, involve only a few of the group members, or fail or meet the learning goals due to conflict and poor use of time. This can be a complex and tricky learning strategy that can leave students and the instructor disappointed and frustrated. These strategies will address all of your group learning concerns!

Part I: Group learning has demonstrated gains across multiple dimensions of student learning. Oftentimes, the essential features of forming effective student work groups are missed, setting up groups to struggle the whole semester. Part I explores the key features of setting up groups well, and what type of projects best utilize small group learning.   Rather than miss creating the crucial features of small group learning, examine the five well researched principles of small group learning that help drive student groups or teams to their highest potential. How should group leadership be handled and how is uneven group contribution countered? 

Participants will receive the CETL booklet, Small Group Learning. Active learning classroom instructors are strongly encouraged to attend. Participants may opt to achieve the Certificate in  Small Group Learning.


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