Success with Active Learning and Group Projects Part I

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Date(s) - 06/15/2018
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

NWQ 1975 (Active Learning Classroom)


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Active Learning entails a wide range of strategies that have been shown to yield positive results in learning, even moreso for students at risk. However, knowing which aspects of your course need to be modified in order to engage students successfully in being active learners can be challenging.

In Part I, Kolb’s Experiential Cycle is a great framework to use when integrating active learning into your course. We will help you design any course session for engagement and higher learning. Participants will explore active learning class sessions and team projects designs and receive the CETL booklet, Active Learning and Small Group Learning. Bring a syllabus with you to the session. Active learning classroom instructors are strongly encouraged to attend.

Groups projects can engage students in solving interesting problems –except when it fails or some students barely contribute. Group learning can yield gains in student learning. However, students may not know how to lead and manage peers in a group context and instructors often miss crucial aspects of group design.

In Part II, we will address, “How can you set up groups to self-manage effectively?  What kinds of assignments are best suited to working in teams? What is essential for facilitating brief but productive break out groups? How should group leadership be handled and how do you design in class group work? How should group projects and members be evaluated?” You will examine the five principles of effective group learning and apply each to construct a team project from the bottom up.

Principles 2-5 will be examined and applied, culminating in a critique of sample group projects using the five principles learned.


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