Success with Active and Group Learning Part II

Date(s) - 07/20/2018
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Engelmann B73


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Active Learning entails a wide range of strategies that have been shown to yield positive results in learning, particularly for students at risk. However, it can be challenging to know which aspects of your course need to be modified in order to engage students successfully in being active learners.

Students may not know how to lead and manage peers in a team project and instructors often miss crucial aspects of small group learning design that would drive teams to their highest learning potential. How should group leadership be handled and how do you design in class group work? Should every group member get the same grade? How are non-contributing group members handled? Fortunately, learning in groups is one of the most frequently researched pedagogical strategies!

Part II:  In Part II, participants will review all five Principles of Group and Collaborative Learning, including how to create create an effective team project, embed individual accountability, assess and evaluate group members and group projects, establish group leadership roles, group cohesion, and group monitoring, and how to counter the most common pitfalls of group learning. 

Participants will receive the CETL booklet, Active Learning and Small Group Learning with multiple examples, templates, and worksheets and hard copy and digital format. Active learning classroom instructors are strongly encouraged to attend. Participants are eligible to pursue the CETL Certificate in Small Group Learning. Bring your course syllabus and team project assignments specific course, or be able to access them,  in order to apply each principles during the workshop.


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