Online and Blended Teaching Program – Part 3


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


UWM Libraries E175
2311 East Hartford Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, 53201-0604

Are you scheduled to teach an online or blended course? If so, the Online and Blended Teaching Program can help! The Online and Blended Teaching Program is a multi-day program that focuses on helping instructors redesign their courses for the online or blended format using pedagogically-effective methods and practices.

Participants should plan to attend three face-to-face meetings on the following dates:

  • July 10, 9a-1p
  • July 24, 9a-1p
  • August 7, 9a-1p

Each face-to-face session will consist of two required parts. During the first part of each session (9am-12pm), program facilitators will lead discussions and activities focused on key pedagogical considerations for online and blended instruction. Topics discussed over the course of the program include:

  • Using backward design for learning module creation
  • Delivering digital content
  • Developing effective online assignments and activities
  • Assessing student assignments
  • Managing instructor workload
  • Supporting students
  • Building presence and community
  • Evaluating courses

During the second part of each face-to-face session (12pm-1pm), program facilitators will provide technical training for key technologies often used in online and blended courses, which include:

  • Creating news announcements in D2L
  • Uploading content in D2L
  • Using the D2L gradebook
  • Creating groups and discussions in D2L
  • Developing course content
  • Using D2L rubrics
  • Developing surveys for course evaluation

Participants should also plan to engage in online activities between the face-to-face sessions that will aid in building a piece of their future course. These activities will require 2-3 hours per week and will include:

  • Viewing presentations and reading articles
  • Taking a quiz on content, activities, and assessment
  • Participating in asynchronous discussion forums
  • Developing a usable learning module for a redesigned course

By registering for this event, you are registering for all three dates (7/10, 7/24, and 8/7), even though the e-mail confirmation will only have the first date (due to registration system limitations).

Our program is activity-based, so please bring a laptop or tablet to all three sessions, if possible. For more information, or to request special accommodations, please contact Dylan Barth at 414-229-4319.

Please register for all parts of this event at: For more information, or to request special accommodations, please contact Dylan Barth at 414-229-4319.