Importing Question Banks and Developing Effective Quizzes in D2L


9:00 am - 11:30 am


Bookings closed


UWM Libraries E175
2311 East Hartford Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, 53201-0604

Open only to: UWM Faculty, Teaching Academic Staff, and Teaching Assistants

This 2-hour workshop will focus on effective pedagogic strategies for creating and administering online quizzes and exams in D2L. Participants should bring their own laptop (PC preferred) or contact CETL at ext. 4319.  Attendees will:

  • format questions from a publisher’s test bank or their own MS-Word exams (brought in on a flash drive or their laptop), then import them into the D2L Question Library.
  • organize imported questions into folders (e.g., by course topics or quizzing schedule), then pull questions from these folders into a D2L quiz.
  • create a randomized D2L quiz.
  • edit questions in the D2L Question Library (time permitting).

Please download both Adobe Air and the D2L question import tool on your laptop at:  Then install the import tool.  Upon registration, participants will be enrolled in a D2L quiz workshop course site.   Other Workshop materials will be provided, including a ‘raw’ question bank for those who do not bring their own.  Immediately after the workshop there will be time for additional practice in question formatting and importing into D2L.

A basic working knowledge of D2L is assumed.  Bring your own PC Laptop or Notebook along with your test question banks, old quizzes, etc. and leave the workshop with your creations!


Registration is closed for this workshop.