High Impact Practices: HIPs-rich Courses for Closing the Achievement Gap

High Impact Practices: HIPs-rich Courses for Closing the Achievement Gap


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


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Engelmann B73
2033 E. Hartford Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53211

This is a face-to-face workshop only. These concepts are applicable to any course format and type!

High Impact Practices (HIPs) can leverage the achievment gap and student success more effectively when they are designed with the Eight Quality Features recently identified. However,  institutions are recognizing courses as the most accessible high impact experience as many students can’t access several of the HIPs practices.

How do we easily embed these Eight Quality Features and make our courses HIPs-rich? Our UWM active learning classroom student and instructor surveys (2015-2022) determined a very high presence of these HIPs Quality Features (20+ indicators) and we translated these indicators to create the following tools and course examples that will equip you to embed these features to create a “HIPs-rich” course! Choose which features to add each semester for your course or entire program curriculum. Learn how to map HIPs across your curriculum! Bring at least one course syllabus or be able to access it on your device.

  • HIPs-rich Assignment Builder
  • HIPs Quality Syllabus Rubric
  • HIPs-rich Discussion Builder
  • HIPs First Day Experiential Learning Lesson Plan Rubric
  • HIPs-rich Group Learning



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