Course Design Essentials Module 1 Course Outcomes and Creating Community

Course Design Essentials Module 1 Course Outcomes and Creating Community


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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Engelmann B73
2033 E. Hartford Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53211

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[This is a face-to-face workshop only. Concepts apply to any type of course format. A Certificate in Course Design is available for those who complete the optional Certificate designs. A self-paced Course Design series is available at:]


In this six-module series of Essential Course Design workshops, you will gain the knowledge and skills to design all the essential course components and build a syllabus around them. You may choose to apply this knowledge to create a new f2f, online, or blended course or modify aspects of an existing course. We will have exercises in each module for you to begin to apply each design concept to one specific course. Please bring or have access to the course that you will use as your application context during the sessions.

You have the option to fully complete and submit each step to achieve the Course Design Institute Certificate at the completion of the series or at any time.

Each module will build off of prior designs in each module so attending all modules is encouraged but not required. You can view missed modules or use the self-paced version at:

In Module I, you will: 

  • examine the course context of your students and the learning environments
  • embed the big, underlying course questions into a visual course diagram that will “chunk” and frame your concepts, modules, and course outcomes
  • draft overarching course outcomes 
  • use an equity mindset to devise intentional strategies to build a community of learners


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