Active Teaching Lab | Students and ChatGPT


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Engelmann B73
2033 E. Hartford Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53211

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David Delgado and Lane Sunwall | Students and ChatGPT: Seriously, this is not the end of the world

The launch of ChatGPT, a tool that can mimic human writing and even pass AP English exams, has raised concerns about its potential to enable easy cheating in education. However, ChatGPT can also be used as a supplement to traditional teaching methods, similar to the way that handheld calculators enhanced mathematics education in the 1970s. ChatGPT can be employed to create personalized lesson plans and exercises, provide customized instruction to students, assist with grading and feedback, and serve as a virtual tutor for students. This lab will explore the potential uses and concerns surrounding ChatGPT in education. In addition, based on research and in-class experience, it will offer insights on how the tool can be effectively integrated into the classroom to center teaching on student needs – both now and into the future.

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