Active Learning Classrooms: Breakout Groups and Group Projects (Part 2)


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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Northwest Quadrant (NWQ) 1975
2025 E Newport Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53211

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Active learning classrooms have the potential to change both teaching and learning. These spaces prompt instructors to rethink how to increase student responsibility for their learning and ensure engagement, attendance, and preparation for class. A stronger reliance on technology and collaboration challenges traditional approaches to student learning. Five active learning classrooms in the Northwest Quadrant incorporate flexible furniture, grouped seating, and advanced technology to enhance interactive learning.

How do we restructure a course so that these spaces are used effectively and help students achieve higher levels of learning and engagement?

How can these active learning in these spaces impact retention and student success? Group work is one pedagogical strategy that can elicit more complaints than any other.

How can you ensure effective teams and true collaboration rather than piecemeal work?

How can you encourage student groups to integrate and synthesize knowledge as well as think critically together? 

Participants in these workshops will receive the booklet, Active Learning and Small Group Learning and begin designing breakout groups, active learning class sessions, and a team project using the five core principles. Peers across disciplines will help each other construct active learning and group work Future NWQ active learning classroom instructors are encouraged to attend.


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