Create a new event based on a previously offered workshop

Step #1

  1. Go to
  2. Pull down the menu under [Logout] and select [ADMIN LOGIN].

Step #2

  1. Log in using your ePanther ID.
  2. Enter the password you created for the LTCworkshops WordPress site.
  3. IMPORTANT: Click [Login] NOT [Sign in with UWM 1Login].

Step #3

  1. To create an event based on a previously offered workshop, click [Events].

Step #4

  1. From the list of events offered, identify the workshop you’d like to create and select [Duplicate].

Step #5


You will be able to identify the event you just duplicated by looking for the [-Draft] text at the end of the title.

  1. Click [Edit].

Step #6


All the information in the prior workshop will be carried over. Therefore, you’ll need to change the date and time to match the new workshop.

  1. To change the date, click the text box next to [From] under the [When] box. Select the new date from the picker. The [to] date will auto fill.

Step #7

  1. To change the time, click the text box next to [Event starts at] and select the correct time. Repeat this proceedure for the end time.

Step #8

  1. Under [Booking/Registration], click the text box next to [Available until] and select the correct date and time.

Step #9

  1. When you have finished editing your workshop, click [Publish].